Spicy Man Blazing Crate


Do you know someone who puts hot sauce on everything?  How about the manly man who craves the beefiest, hottest, spiciest food around?  This deluxe crate of blazing, tasty treats is for just that guy! A rugged wooden crate (that he can take to his man cave or garage later) is packed with a punch to satisfy his beastly cravings for more fiery heat.  Let’s get started with a hot sauce collection that would make any man proud…Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce, Kickin BBQ Sauce, Slammin’ Sriracha, Stingin’ Honey Garlic and the Original Cayenne Hot Sauce.  Next throw in some spicy cheese spread, garlic crackers and some salsa almonds. The scorching sizzle of his taste buds continues with packets of our famous spice blended Gold Star Chili packets and last but not least, a man sized portion of Wild Joe’s Cajun Beef Jerky.  Have the ice water on hand…when he is done with this crate of searing spicy goodies he is gonna need a cold drink…or two! A perfect gift for HIM this Valentine’s Day!

Product Contents

  • 1 bottle Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 1 bottle Frank’s Kickin BBQ Sauce
  • 1 bottle Frank’s Slammin’ Sriracha
  • 1 bottle Frank’ Stingin’ Honey Garlic
  • 1 bottle Frank’s Original Cayenne Hot Sauce
  • 1 spicy cheese spread
  • 1 box Elk’s savory garlic crackers
  • 1 package Salsa almonds